Many you will think it´s strange in the website of a protector, a section called PASODOBLES.
Allow us to tell you the reason for this.
SIEMPRE CONTIGO prides itself on writing our stories, our experiences, our daily experiences with great sensitivity.
We try to express what our hearts feel in each one of them, we try to express our joy when we receive news of our adopted animals, when you send us these long-awaited photos, when we tell you some sympathetic anecdote occurred in our refuge by some of our shameless, we always try to convey our most sincere thanks, when we are fortunate to receive any kind of help, donations, and more when our situation is extreme.
Unfortunately we also see, and unfortunately very very often, terrible cases.
Despite the hardships of many of them, we try not to lose education when we transmit them to you, even if our thoughts are not so polite.
We see so much pain, so much evil, that sometimes our muse, that muse that helps us tell our stories, abandons us.
It´s at that moment, when some of the people in charge of writing you, use one of the greatest treasures that our Cádiz has, for that muse to return.
Our Carnival.
For those who do not know this, we will tell you that it is not just joy, laughter and joking… which is also
It is much, much more. It´s pure feeling, it is culture, it´s history, it´s inexhaustible art, sung feelings, incredible melodies, everything with a sensitivity that when you hear it, immediately the muse returns.
And we, as a protector from Rota and Cádiz, we take advantage of this art to be able to continue with this hard work when our strength at the time of writing falters.
You can create awareness and awareness in many ways and we believe that with these pasodobles is a very beautiful way to do it.
We invite you to listen to them, and to let yourselves be carried away by their beautiful music, to make you beautiful with those chords of guitars and for those wonderful lyrics, but above all and most important for the feelings that are transmitted when it is sung in that way.
As we say here, let your goose bumps grow on you.

Comparsa el Perro Andaluz (The andalusian dog). 2018. Antonio Marrinez Ares:

Some Pasodobles that we like

Acercaté Torito (Get close Torito)

Mi gata Nala; contra La ” Fiesta” del toro de la Vera. (My cat Nala. Against Toro de la Vega)

I remember that night. Stray cats speak to an abandoned dog.

A dog is the most loyal friend.

De todos los hijos que tuve. Children that I had

De las mascotas. Pets

De los perros. Dogs.

Desde que te conocí. A los perros guia. Since I know you. Dedicated to guide dogs

A Canelo, el perro gaditano, que esperó a las puertas del Hospital “Puerta del mar”a su dueño, que nunca salio de él. Dedicated to Canelo, the Cádiz-born dog, who waited at the door of the “Puerta del Mar” Hospital to his owner, who never left it.

Y un video de Chirigota, muy simpatico. “Lo Que Diga mi Mujer”(2004) Pasodoble-“El Perrito”. And a video of Chirigota, very nice. “What My Woman Says” (2004) Pasodoble The Doggy: