Sponsorship means for very few euros that an animal can live in a moderately dignified way: that it can eat, be treated by a clinic or be vaccinated when needed.

WHAT IS THE AMOUNT OF SPONSORSHIP ?: Only € 6.00 per month per sponsored animal, although you can choose your quota from € 6.00.

WHAT ANIMAL DO I CHOOSE? : Select it among all the animals that are adopted, dogs or cats. The one you like the most, or the one that needs it most, or the one that does not have a sponsor, or the funniest, or the most handsome, or the ugliest, or the most hairy, etc … the one you want .. Everyone needs it equally. Smile

WHAT DO I GET CHANGED ?: We will keep you informed of everything that happens with the animal, even after being adopted, we will send you photos and videos if you wish and you can come to our facilities to visit whenever you want.

Everything you can do for your godson will thank you: make gifts, comb, come to play with him / her, … because they are lacking in love and the amount of time it takes to clean the Cages prevents us from giving them all the attention we would like.
If you want to be a sponsor or need more information, write to siemprecontigoapadrinamiento@hotmail.com

To register you as a sponsor, we will need the following information:

First name:

Contact telephone:




Animal name:

Account holder:

Bank account:



If you want to help us with a donation, you can do it in this account. Put your data to be able to thank you. If you do it anonymously we will not be able to thank you, but we will respect your decision. Remember that our facilities are open for you to visit. “Many, a lot, do a lot.” Thank you.

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