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WILY, que asi lo han llamado nuestros compañeros, ha sido recogido cuando medio deambulaba por la carretera.

   Como demuestran las fotos, su estado es tan lamentable que si no los compañeros no lo hubieran rescatado, hubiera tenido una muerte segura.

En estos momento se encuentra ingresado en la clinica veterinaria ANUBIS. y su estado es de denutricion muy avanzada, la cual le ha producido inflamacion del higado. Su ojito derecho esta en un estado tan critico que hasta que pasen 48 horas no sabremos si será recuperable.

*PEQUE* Bodeguero SPONSORED by Lorena



Peque is another helpless bodeguero, about 4 years old, we still need the vet verification.

he is more scared than Bod, he was around Costa Ballena.

he weights 5 kilos, heigh 40 cm long X 44 cm tall

He is a very clean one and he does good with other dogs. 

*JADE* Pekinés mix breed SPONSORED by Minchi


He is very nice one, we will need to take some more pictures because in these ones he doesn´t look as nice as he is.

He is very young, maybe about 1 year only. weight 5 kilos, heigh 36cm long X 34 cm tall

He is very quiet and good with other dogs. His hair is long and his eyes are green.

He is absolutely adorable. 

*ZELU* Bodeguero SPONSORED by Pilar Solvez



Zelu is a beautiful and strong bodeguero.

he does good with other dogs, weight 9 kilos, heigh 40 cm long X 45 cm tall

TIM. bodeguero puppy. SPONSORED by Leticia Castilla


Another bodeguero puppy. He is a little scared but as soon he stay few days at the shelter he will have more confidence.

He is beautiful. He already have his first parvo vacunation. He is about 3 months old.

BENN. beautiful puppy. SPONSORED by Alicia Novo



Ben is a beautiful puppy, he is bodeguero mix breed.

He is about 3 months old, he loves playing with other puppies.

He already have first parvo vacunation.

Alff "perro de agua" mix breed. SPONSORED by Jessica Castilla



Alff is a really funny doggy. He looks very young but we will wait for veterinarian verification.

He does well with other dogs, he just came to the shelter so we will tell you more about him as soon as posible.

*ARAGÓN* Bodeguero mix (Sponsored by Anabel) [[ Posible adopción, Angeles ]]



All our doggies are beautiful to us but Aragon is so handsomeeeeeeee. he is very quiet and lovely.

Soon we will have more information, while this you can fall in love with him.

*KILLO* Bodeguero mix (Sponsored by Yolanda Rosado)



This small bodeguero mix was in Costa Ballena, he was all wet by the raining. He is about 2 years and he was hurt in his neck, it was not getting better so we took him to the vet and had a treatment.

Now he is doing a lot better. Soon we will have more info about him.

*CHIQUI* Small size female dog

*CHIQUI*  Small size female dog

This little dog is Chiqui, she is very lovely but very active and nervious, she needs a new family, someone quiet who likes exercise, like walking, running etc.. 

she loves to be huged and is always asking for our attention.

she is good with other dogs, better with males ones.

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