Protectora de animales "Siempre Contigo", Rota, Cádiz

*TABI* small size male dog ( Sponsored by Carmen Escudero}POSIBLE ADOPTION TO THE NETHERLANDS



Tabi is a tiny dog, he´s about 3 yr old, (tested by veterinarian)

He´s lovely, he does perfectly with other dogs.

It´s too easy to take care of him because his size

If you like German sheep dogs but you can´t have one because his size, this is your dog, It´s so funny, it looks a german sheep dog but really tiny.

Look at this pictures, you will love them.

weight 6 kilos,              tall 37 cms X 42 cms  

(age verified by veterinarian on 21 nov 08)

vacunated for tetravalente

*BIBI* mix bredding of schnauzer mini (in temporary house)

carita de bibi 3.jpg


Bibi is about 2 yrs old, male , small size.

he´s one of those dogs that it´s imposible to find out why is still here.

Bibi looked lost when he came to our shelter, his hair was cared and he looks happy, now he´s tired and he miss his family.

He´s a really lovely dog , he wants our attention all the time, he likes huges, and he does well with other dogs, he loves children.

He´s perfectly adapted to live in a house, at first, he used to wait until we arrived to the shelter to do everything out of his kennel.

*CHESTER* Bodeguero mix bredding {Sponsored by Josefa Aguilera}


Chester is a very young male dog, he´s about 4 yr old, he´s small size, he needs a family, he´s too young to be in jail.

weight 7 kilos,         tall 48 cms  X  44 cms  

(Age tested by veterinarian)

vacunated for tetravalente

vacunated for kennel cough on 28 nov 08

*GOOD* small size, male dog



Good is about 1 yr and half old, he is a nice dog, he´s lovely and good with other dogs.

He´s very intelligent,

If you like walking,it will be a pleasure for him to go with you.


*MORA* 1yr and a half female pitbull mix bredding (posible adoption to Sevilla)



Mora is not in our shelter but we help his owner to find a new home for her.

She is lovely and good with other dogs.

yesterday we found Mora in our shelter, the police found her in the streets ,

probably his owner let her goes by herself.

She needs a family, a real one who understand they are alive !!!!!!!!! 

*MARA* 2 yrs old female Mix breeding of bodeguero, (sponsored by Adriana)

Imagen 020.jpg


Mara is a really nice dog. She is very active and playful, she is very nervious.

she is small=medium size

She became mum two months ago so her body still needs time to be recovered.

She is not in our shelter

If you want to adopt her please contact

*BABAS* 3yrs old female bodeguero mix bredding



Babas is a small female dog about 2 or 3 yrs old, she mights be in at home and probably she gots lost.

her little bed is always clean and she waits to do everything out of her kennel.

She´s not having a good time in our shelter , she is very exciting with all the other dogs around her .

We urgently need to find a nice home for her.

weight  11 kilos,           tall 33 cms x long 42 cms  

*SINDY* 3 years old, small size, female {Sponsored by R. Establie y R Alcedo} posible adoptant to the Netherlands


Sindy is very small, her hair is light and dark brown and very soft too.

She is very nice to everyone, all dogs and persons, she love us to hug her.

weight 4 kilos, tall 28 cms X long 35 cms

*WALLY* small size, 8 months foxterrier mix bredding (sponsored by Dolores Estable y Dolores Acuña)


Wally, is a male puppy, really really nice, his hair makes him look older.

He is full of life, he just need to be loved, he´s like a teddy bear that you can hug.

When we go everyday to our shelter, he´s expecting us with all the happiness, he´s a really good dog for a family with children, he loves them.!!!!!!!

weight 10 kilos,                tall 44 cms X long 46 cms  

* LUQUI * 2 yrs old, male mix bredding cocker (adoption process to the Netherlands)

luqui 3.jpg

Luqui is a really nice dog, he is too young to be without a family.

He´s doing good with other dogs, male and female.

weight 10 kilos, tall 50 cms X long 41 cms