Protectora de animales "Siempre Contigo", Rota, Cádiz

2 white little cats (NOT IN OUR SHELTER)


they are in Jerez, if you are interested in adopting one of them, male and female, please contact 687502361 

*GUNNY* maroon, angora mix breed, female cat (Sponsored by Pepi Luna Perez and Mª Jose Harana Pastor}



When we found this young cat she was pregnant and her tail was broken, so we had to cut her tail, we had to cut her hair because it was awful, she is lovely.

She is having her babies really soon, we are not able to sterilise her at this time, it´s too late now.

She already has her babies, you can see their pictures attached to his message.  

2 months old, different colours, male and female, (NOT IN OUR SHELTER)

Imagen 254.jpg

for any aditional information please contact // 630124400 (Preguntar por Mariangeles)

Cats brood of diferent colours. 1 month old



They are too young, only one month old, they are still too small but they are looking for new parents already.

If you are interested in adopting one of them, contact us. 

Bianca, 4 months old, female kitty (Sponsored by Yolanda Rosado)



Bianca had a necklace when we found her, is a beautiful white cat. She loves to be spoiled, she does good with oher dogs, she is healthy and she looks for her sand box where she does everything.

She looks educated and ready for a new home. 

1 month old, tigerish female kitty


This little kitty was left in a trash container, she needs a warm and sweet home, she expends a lot of time by herself. 

1 month old, tigerish male cat

Beautiful very young cat, he will be handsome in a future.

*LISA* 1 month and a half, female kitty

Too young to be without a family love, do you want her to be part of yours ?

*MILKI* 1 month and a half old, female kitty

Milki will be a very good looking cat, now she is a precious kitty, too young to grow without a family, don´t you think so ?

*MARCO* 2 months old, male

He is two months old only, it will be easy to be adapted to a new family, do you want to try it ?