Protectora de animales "Siempre Contigo", Rota, Cádiz

*DUNA* small size, female dog, (Sponsored by Layla}POSIBLE ADOPTION TO THE NETHERLANDS


Duna is about 2 yrs and a half old, she is very small and thick

She is lovely, very good with other dogs and with persons too. She came very scared, but as soon she found out that she was save with us, she became in an adorable dog.

She is sterilised,.

She was adopted in Barcelona but her family didn´t understand that these dogs needs a period of time to be adapted to a new situation.

The family already had another dog, and the first day she was there they found out they made a mistake, adopted her.

So Duna , after a long trip, came back with us.

*IGLÚ* 1 yr old male dog, schnauzer mix bredding ( sponsored by Pedro)



Iglu was tied to a door when we found him. He is about 1 year old, big size.

He is a very nice mix bredding of Schnauzer. He loves water, he does good with other dogs.


*SARA* 8 months old, female puppy {Sponsored by Rocio}.



This dog is Sara, she will be medium size in a future.

She was tied to one of our volunteers house door, she was only 3 months old,

Sara is a lovely dog, she just wants to play, jump, run, all those things that a puppy use to do.

She is very active, so she needs space, a house with a big garden or something like that.

She won´t be fine in an apartment.

*MUXU* bodeguero mix breeding ( sponsored by Anabel}


Muxu is small medium size, he is 3 yrs and a half old , lovely and playful.

He is very good looking, ADOPT HIM !!!!!!!!

weight 13 kilos           tall 52 cms X long 46 cms  

(age verified by veterinarian on 21 nov 08)

vacunated for tetravalente

vacunated for kennel cough on 28 nov 08

*BARBIE* German sheep dog mix bredding , female. {Sponsored by Margarita, Agustina Marquez and Mercedes Quiros }



Barbie is a beautiful dog, she is lovely and nice. She does really good with other dogs.

She is sterilized already. She is about 2 yrs old, she is still too young to live without a family. Doesn´t she?



Pepe is about 7 yrs old, he is a really nice dog, he doesn´t ask for anything,

he needs a family , he needs to be loved and he also have a lot of love to share.

weight 7 kilos, tall 50 cms, X long 47 cms


*KIARA* 8 months, medium size, female puppy (sponsored by Juanma}IN ADOPTION PROCESS TO MADRID

Imagen 047.jpg


Kiara is a lovely dog, She is kind of nervious, and a little scared of everything, we suppose that she has had a bad life even how young she is.

She is good with other dogs, and she ask for a lovely home urgently.

weight 14 kilos,              tall 58 cms X 58 cms  

*TIMÓN* 7 months old, small size, male puppy (adopted by Angeles)



This precious puppy is very small. Right now he is at one of our volunteers home until we find a good family for him.

He sleeps all night long, he is lovely, he is good with other dogs.

If you are interested in adopting him, remember that it should be for all the life, Think about it.


*CHARLI* Small size, male dog ( Sponsored by Maria) In temporary house (posible adoption)



Charli is a 1 yr and half small size male dog, he weights about 3 kilos.

He is very young, he wish a family, he has a lot of love to share.

Please don´t let him grow in here.

*NESLÉ* Small size ( Sponsored by Manuela, Josefa e Isabel}



Nesle is about 1 yr old, he weights about 4 kilos, he is lovely and very smart.

Nesle is a really good looking dog, he doesn´t want to be in troubles so he is good with other ones.

If you are looking for a small size dog, this is a treasure, come and take him !!!!!!