Protectora de animales "Siempre Contigo", Rota, Cádiz

*ARMANDO* labrador mix



Armando is a beautiful male puppy, he is about 1 month and a half, he was helpless in a box with his 3 other brothers.

He needs a real family where to grow in, someone who is sure that puppies grow and they will live a long time, and someone who really wants to share his life with him.

Why don´t you think about it ?

*BOLO* bodeguero mix SPONSORED by Rocio Dolz Diago



Bolo is a really cute doggy, he is very small.

He is about  3 years , he is so sweet and he needs to feel safe in a real family.

Bolo will be a good fellow, you won´t be bored with him never and you will never feel alone. 

(age verified by veterinarian on 21 nov 08)

vacunated for tetravalente

vacunated for kennel cough on 28 nov 08

weight 6 kg        tall 40cm X long 35cm 




Co is a male puppy, he is less than 2 months old, he was helpless in a box with his other 3 brothers.

He is the smallest one and he is too scared, he miss his mum and he needs someone who really loves him forever.

You won´t be sorry to adopt him because he will thank you it all his life. I´m sure of it.

Please don´t let him grow in a kennel, the winter is coming soon and it´s really cold in there.




Joost is a male puppy, we found him and his 3 other brothers helpless in a box.

He is really funny, he loves playing with their brothers but he would like to find a good family,

they need to be huge and to be loved.

Do you want to share your life with him ?????




Rene is a beautiful male puppy, we found him with his 3 other brothers helpless in a box.

He is less than 2 months old, too young to grow without a family.


*GASKA* poodle, male, 1 yr old ( in temporary house, posible adoption)


Gaska was adopted by a family but now after few months they sent him back to us, they have a young son who is getting jelaous of the dog, can you believe it ?

the family says the dog is perfect and they have any problem with him but their son doesn´t like him and he is pushing him all the time.

People have to learn a lot about education, about teaching children to share his life with an animal, to respect him and to love him.

Probably this child won´t be a nice person in the future, not if he is not learning lot of things now.

*TATA* medium size, female dog


Tata is very scared, she has been helpless and right now she thinks all humans are cruelty like them

She is young, very very docile and very lovely with other dogs and persons.

She doesn´t lose the hope to have a nice real family, please, come and take her with you !!!!!!  


*DINKIE* small size male dog (in temporary house, posible adoption)



Dinkie is a small size male dog, weights 4 kilos, tall 35cm X long 33 cm

 he is about 1 year old, he is playful and very lovely, he was very scared at first, he needs a family.

do you want him to be part of yours? 

*NANA* wonderful female lab dog (IN ADOPTION PROCESS TO ROTA)




Nana is a beautiful and very young lab dog.

We thought she had a family, she has no microchip and after two weeks no one have asked for her.

So now she needs a new family who loved her.

She is really good, very docile and playful. she loves us to tell her pretty things.

*STARKY* bodeguero mix


Starsky is so funny, he looks like a pirate.

he is lovely, very good with other dogs, he cries in his kennel, he is scared and needs a family.

He will be probably about 2 years old.